About Us

Princes’ Buildtech & Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-faceted real estate development firm with strong working knowledge in the areas of Real estate development and construction. The company was formed on 19-04-1999 and was previously known as Reny Housing Pvt. Ltd. with the central government approval the company changed the name from Reny Housing Pvt. Ltd. to Princes’ Buildtech & Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd. on 05-02-2008. The Princes’ Group was founded in 1982 to develop, manage and lease predominantly Group controlled projects and has expanded to all areas of the real estate spectrum and beyond.

The Group has successfully developed more than 4.8 million square feet of commercial & residential space in a number of different venues and developed over 110 acres of land as residential colonies. The Group has continued to make a positive impact in all its projects and has utilized these experiences to benefit clients and associates. This characteristic of moulding each situation into a successful transaction has resulted in allowing the Group to emerge from the turbulent market of the late 1980's, through the 1990's, and into the 2000's stronger than ever.

Since 1987, the Group’s fundamental philosophy has been that a successful real estate investment is the result of consistent and superior management. Superior property performance can be assured only by a relentless commitment to a hands-on intensive management program with a focus on performance and customer satisfaction.

The key to Group success is regional focus, which facilitates our hands-on intensive management and an in-depth knowledge of property and its local market. This concentrated focus will give valuable insight to the customer needs and also take care of communities’ need surrounding each property.

Brief profile of the Directors

Mr. Manoj Manwani

Mr. Manoj Manwani has been a prominent personality in the real estate scenario and has been looked upon as a driving force when it comes to Princes' Buildtech and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Manwani touched the soil of the city in the year 1982 and ever since, his vision was to change the skyline of the city and gift the city with the best of residential and commercial spaces. Backed by a vast and rich experience of around 3 decades, Mr. Manoj Manwani has successfully handed over the city about 100 prime real estate projects. He has also been instrumental in altering the lives of over 3500 satisfied clients by providing them real estate projects par-excellence. In the year 1994 Mr. Manoj Manwani gifted Indore with Princes' Palace, one of the most popular business hotel of the city today.

Mr. Vinod Lalwani

Since inception, Mr. Vinod Lalwani has been a source of strength and vision for the Princes' Group. It is because of his foresight and ambitious growth plans that the Group today has attained the stature that it truly deserves. Mr. Vinod Lalwani started his career as a successful contractor, under whose guidance various prestigious projects took shape. After his initial stint with contractorship, he later moved his focus towards real estate development and ever since he has been a man on a mission to provide the people of Indore with the best real estate options. The Princes' Group owes its success to the vision and capabilities of Mr. Vinod Lalwani.

Philosophy of the promoters

  • Satisfaction of the customers to the best possible extent through unique features attached to the real estate constructed.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Personal attention from first stage to the last stage.
  • Value addition by incorporation of special features in the projects.
  • Budgetary requirement of the customers.

Aims and objectives of the promoters

The Promoters aims at creating a fast moving market for its real estate through the philosophy of TQM, customer satisfaction, unique features and fair dealing. The promoters believe in quality and not quantity. Through quality the promoters aim at being the best builders and developers rather than being the largest builders.